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Is corruption worsening in Africa?


Africans feel that corruption is worsening. At least, according to a poll released by Transparency International in December 2015. Transparency International is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin aimed at creating a corruption-free world. Transparency International is recognized as a leading body when it comes to research and surveys on the state of corruption on the… Read More

The United States just might avoid a government shutdown

A government employee urges Congress to get it together

Fifty-two members of the U.S. Senate blocked legislation on Thursday that could have cut funding to Planned Parenthood.   A mix of Democrats, independents, and Republicans came together to vote against the women’s health provider. President Barack Obama planned on vetoing legislation to continue funding the government if the vote had put an end to… Read More

Time for a Raise? “Scraping By,” Lowdown on Minimum Wage

KQED recently posted an incredible slide show to spread awareness and knowledge about the minimum wage. What is the federal minimum wage versus the state minimum wage? How does minimum wage now compare to minimum wage 50 years ago? Does raising minimum wage encourage businesses or discourage them? KQED has set out to answer all… Read More

Rwanda Tops the List for Most Women in its Government

Rwanda is the country with the highest percentage of women lawmakers in their government. With women comprising over 64 percent of the country’s lower parliament, Rwanda tops the United States’ ratio of women in office by a landslide.   After the geneocide in Rwanda in 1994, the country has done its best to rebuild itself and… Read More