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Tim McGraw faces backlash for Sandy Hook benefit

The best ideas come not from a polarized, antagonistic view of the world, but from a willingness to compromise our beliefs. Country music icon Tim McGraw recently learned that this willingness comes at a price, suffering considerable backlash for committing to play a Sandy Hook benefit concert this summer.   McGraw, along with fellow country… Read More

FSU Reopens Library Doors After School Shooting

Early last Thursday, a gunman opened fire in Florida State University’s Strozier Library in the midst of midterm exam preparation. The incident left three victims injured, and hundreds of students hiding behind bookshelves.   University and Tallahassee officers met gunman Myron May outside the library within minutes of reported gunfire. He was asked to drop… Read More

New Duke University Study Explains Bipartisan Splits on Climate Change, Air Pollution, Crime

In the United States, bipartisan issues divide the nation. Conservatives and liberals cannot resolves certain issues — involving climate change, for instance — and often accomplish little due to these bipartisan splits. A study from Duke University, however, may clarify and help to understand the existence of such dramatic ideological differences.   The Duke study… Read More