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Athletes Becoming Victims Amidst Racial Tensions

Last week, New York Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock’s home was vandalized with racist graffiti on multiple occasions.   Police reports have shown that Whitlock’s house was broken into and then painted with racist graffiti that read “KKK,” three swastikas, and other racial language. In addition to this, the largest word written was “Trump,” which filled… Read More

No evidence of racially charged arson found in church fires

A man stands next to a church sign in front of a church which has been burned down

In the days following the Charleston shooting, eight predominantly black churches were set ablaze. This has left many to question if these fires were started out of racial hate.   Investigators haven’t found any evidence that proves these fires were motivated by racism. Only three of the fires have shown signs that an arsonist was involved.… Read More