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Watching Netflix Before Bed May Cause Depression And Other Adverse Health Effects

We have all done it: binge watch seasons upon seasons of your favorite television shows until you inevitably fall asleep after hours of watching.   Apparently, this is not only an insanely awesome way to spend one’s weekend, but it can also be detrimental to your health. The reason for this is due to “light… Read More

Smile for the Laser! How Scientists are Using Light Therapy to Regenerate Teeth

Teeth are curious things. These elegant little bits of bone, dentin, and enamel serve a wide range of purposes, from cutting and crushing food to serving as convenient physical accomplices to our emotional expressions. Important as they are, our pearly whites are not particularly trustworthy subjects. They turn mutinous and macabre when left neglected, decaying… Read More

Living Healthy in an 8-5 World: Spotlight on Personal Trainer Kayla Itsines

Header from Instagram. (instagram.com/kayla_itsines)

For Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines, a “bikini body” is not just a physical archetype aspiration. With over 667,000 followers on Instagram (and counting!), Itsines has the opportunity to share her advice and expertise with women all over the world every day.   While working at an all-women’s gym shortly after graduating from… Read More

The Body Confidence Crisis: How to Rock Your Body

In an increasingly digital world, it is impossible to escape the omnipresent media portrayal of beauty: ads everywhere consistently portray women who are way below the average healthy body weight; female protagonists in mainstream films are almost exclusively made up of thin, flawless women; and the average woman’s war with excessive, misleading airbrushing has finally come to… Read More

Trader Joe’s Recalls Hummus for Possible Listeria Contamination

Hummus is a health craze everyone can get on board with. The amazing texture, the healthy fats and awesome fiber, how you can pair it with just about anything (carrots, pita bread, crackers!) — the benefits are endless. Making it at home back be a breeze, and it is even easier to make all sorts of… Read More

Five Ways To Improve Brain Function And Health

Many of us live a fast paced life with little to no time to relax. When we do find time to relax, it might often involve mindlessly social activities like watching television, scrolling through our Facebook news-feed  or even taking a selfie to share on social media.  The lives we lead often put us in a… Read More

Adidas Launches Instagram Shoes

One of the largest social media sites, Instagram, has created a huge following, and now there are many applications that allow Instagram users to print their digital pictures onto cards, magnets, and stickers. Soon, Instagram enthusiasts will be able to take their pictures to a new platform — their shoes.   Adidas has just announced the… Read More