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Low-carb swap: 6 low-carb alternatives for your favorite meals

A major role of PR is being able to change a conversation by transforming our ideas about one thing through building a new image based on positive communication and rebranding. In a sense, PR helps us “swap” one perspective for another.   In health, swapping ingredients in your favorite dishes for healthier alternatives is no different. It’s all about… Read More

Not All Cocoa is Created Equal: How to Sort the Good and Bad Hot Chocolate Brands

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without hot cocoa, but what few people are unaware of is that not all cocoa is created equal. Sure, we can differentiate between different brands of cocoa based on things like flavor, but some of the most important distinguishing factors between different brands are the things we can’t taste.… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How Striking a Power Pose Can Reduce Stress and Boost Your Confidence

We all hate the feeling of being weighed down by stress, or being held back by anxiety and self-doubt. These are feelings that don’t exactly foster positive outcomes in our educational, professional, or social pursuits. While the moments when these feelings hit may have you feeling like you are a victim to your mindset and… Read More

Homemade: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking Your Own Meals

With the number of quick options available to us when it comes to the meals we eat, it becomes increasingly rare for people to spend time in their own kitchens preparing their own meals from scratch. We have fallen victim to the mentality that cooking at home is just one more hassle we don’t need… Read More

Protein Minus the Meat: Best Meatless Protein Sources to Incorporate into Your Meals

Experts agree that incorporating lean protein into your meals and distributing your protein intake throughout your day, can increase satiety and maximize your health in various ways, including improving muscle health.   When we think of protein, we most commonly think of meat, and it’s not always easy to incorporate meat into all of your… Read More

Power Couples: Foods That Are Even Healthier Together Than They Are Apart

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what foods can be considered healthy (and what foods probably don’t make the cut), but it turns out that’s not where the story ends. When it comes to maximizing the health benefits of some foods, this can be achieved through creating the proper food pairings, or… Read More