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AI Park: China To Build $2.1 Billion Technology Theme Park

Artificial Intelligence

During my stint at Tragic Kingdom, one of the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, I was overtaken by the feeling of nostalgia, almost as if the entire park was a time capsule. While there were constant renovations and new construction — otherwise known as “Pixie Dust” — occurring throughout the 107-acre… Read More

Solar Roadways: The Way Of The Future

It is a hot summer day, and the sun is relentlessly beating down on the asphalt roadways, making being stuck in traffic that much more unbearable. What if that hot roadway had a purpose other than collecting heat? What if they roadway collected that heat and converted it into useful energy? That is why researchers… Read More

Photovoltaic Technology: Past and Future

In the spring of 1953, research scientists Gerald Pearson, Daryl Chapin and Calvin Fuller toiled away inside the Bell research laboratory. While researching the applicability of silicon for use in electronics, Pearson fortuitously created a silicon solar cell that was significantly more efficient than prior solar cell creations using selenium. Chapin and Fuller improved upon… Read More

Why Has Tesla’s Stock Grown So Rapidly, And Will it Continue To Rise?

As of today, the stock price for Tesla Motors Inc has increased 623 percent over the past 12 months. This type of increase is unparalleled in the automobile industry in at least 20 years, according to reports. In this year alone, while GM and Ford have both experienced losses, Tesla’s stock has risen by an… Read More