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Understanding the fight for free healthcare

Among other topics, health care is one of the biggest issues being debated by the candidates of the 2016 presidential election. While many first world countries provide their citizens with free health care, the United States does not. This can cause Americans to pay a significant amount of money on doctor’s appointments, medicine, and emergency… Read More

Hillary Clinton’s response to contributions from fossil fuel industry

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has allegedly been taking contributions from lobbyists associated with the fossil fuel industry. Despite Clinton’s outward disapproval and acknowledgment of climate change, she still takes support from individuals who sell, or have sold, their services to fossil fuel companies. This is deeply hurting the legitimacy of her pro-environmental policies, causing… Read More

The difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

2016 Presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, declares herself as a civil rights activists and a Democratic Progressive. However, facts and finding from her past, and even her present, have proven to show contradicting information. Clinton’s associations with Wall Street, her constant contrasting opinions on civil rights, her neoconservative views, and her history linked… Read More

The Daily Beast: Puppeted to support pro-Clinton media

Popular news platform, The Daily Beast, is constantly releasing articles against Bernie Sanders using the argument of that he is not electable. However, the news company’s anti-Sanders approach is due to a conflict-of-interest with the Clintons.   The Daily Beast has been strongly pushing Democrats to vote Clinton by releasing articles such as, “Dear Bernie… Read More

Super Tuesday results show Clinton, Trump in the lead

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton showed their dominance in the voting polls after winning for their political parties on Super Tuesday that took place on March 1st.   According to Super Tuesday election results, the Republicans are calling Trump the overwhelming winner in the conservative south; he clearly demonstrated more power over the… Read More

Hillary Clinton could face PR problem over criminal investigation

With the 2016 Democratic primaries getting closer, now is not the time for Hillary Clinton to have a public relations disaster, but she may be facing one nonetheless.   Last Thursday, The New York Times reported that two inspectors general put in a request to the U.S. Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation over… Read More

Voting with your gut: Voting based on gender, religious beliefs

A hand casting a vote

The 2016 presidential election is ramping up for take off, with Democrats and Republicans both scrambling in search of their candidates. Hillary Clinton, among others, has already announced that she will be running.   With Hillary’s candidacy confirmed, the idea of a woman president has been a talking point for the media. Will people vote… Read More

2016 Democratic candidates: How do they stack up?

Image of the donkey, representing the Democratic party, against a waving red, white, and blue flag.

With the 2016 Presidential election rapidly approaching, both the Democrats and Republicans have their respective primary campaigns in full swing. Obama’s second term is nearing its end, and America will soon have to pick a new leader.   While new Republican candidates seem to pop up every day, the Democrats seem to have moved considerably… Read More