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Is calling Hillary “Hillary” and not “Clinton” sexist?

American television host Sean Hannity recently criticized presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton for creating a grandmotherly image of herself and claimed that she is “kind of stale, and tired, and out of ideas.” Such an ageist, sexist attack will hardly be the first for Hillary.   Public relations are highly relevant to the world of… Read More

Hillary Clinton officially announces 2016 presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton boasts one of the most impressive resumes in American politics. From First Lady to U.S. Senator to Secretary of State, she’s one of the most recognizable figures within the Democratic party. With that pedigree, it comes as a shock to no one that today she officially announced her bid for the presidency in… Read More

Hillary 2016: Are the Public Scandals too Much to Overcome?

Hillary For President Sign

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presumptive run for the presidency in 2016 has been paved with many troubles. There were there the alleged foreign monetary donations made to the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State, and most recently, her use of private email accounts to conduct government business caused a storm of media controversy.   All these… Read More

MUIPR Guide to Summer Memoir Reading

Looking for a good read this summer? Don’t venture far. This summer’s must-read list includes impressive memoir feats created by female public figures. Iconic females in the state department and on the silver screen dish out lifelong lessons in these top summer reads. Be sure to add one of these MUIPR-approved memoirs to your summer… Read More

Putin’s Words and Thoughts on Crimea

“Today based on the Crimean referendum, and the will of the people, I introduce to the federal assembly of Russia, and ask them to examine, a bill about admitting two new regions into Russia: Crimea, and the city of Sevastopol. Don’t believe those who intimidate you with Russia, [who] shout that other areas will follow… Read More

Editorial: WomenWerk Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global celebration that occurs yearly on March 8. Launched in the early 1900s, IWD was created to educate, empower and galvanize women into action. Back then, the day was set aside to campaign for women’s right to vote, to be educated, to work, to hold public offices and end… Read More