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Hollywood: Are set photos giving too much away?

Suicide Squad set photo with some characters crossing the street

Take a moment and think of the best twist endings in Hollywood films; a moment that came out of nowhere and absolutely floored you. You probably thought “Empire Strikes Back,” “Psycho,” or maybe even “Se7en.” Now, who thought of a more contemporary film? Very few, probably, because the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and internet… Read More

Era of the remake: Hollywood is bringing the past to a theater near you

“Mad Max,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “RoboCop,” “21 Jump Street,” “Dark Shadows,” and “Poltergeist.” One thing all these recent films have in common is that they are reboots, or remakes, of their 1970-1980’s originals. It seems like the generation of yesterday is recreating its childhood for the generation of today.     Other classic 1980’s… Read More

Rashida Jones asks, “Why is Everyone Getting Naked?”

It is almost impossible these days to turn on the television or watch a music video and not see a pop star prancing about half-naked or “twerking.” Leaving anything to the imagination is becoming less and less popular, and apparently, the more skin one shows, the better. The definition of sexy seems to be objectifying… Read More

Why is Hollywood Losing Its Film Prestige?

  Since the early days of film in America, Hollywood has been the central hub of the industry. Nearly all of the major studios are based there, and productions are often done on sound stages in California.   Lately, though, many filmmakers and studios are choosing to make their pictures elsewhere, bringing with them jobs… Read More