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Are 200 Zimbabwean women on death row in China?

According to recent reports from a Zimbabwean parliamentary committee on Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, around 200 Zimbabwean women are on death row in China. This was revealed at the country’s National Assembly by member Cde Beata Nyamupinga who informed that there were more than 1,000 Zimbabweans in Chinese prisons, most of them women.… Read More

The Horror Behind The Score: Sexual Slavery in Brazil

The world cup is well under way and thousands of sports fans around the world enjoy a sense camaraderie and playful competition as they cheer for their country. There is a dark side of popular sporting events, however, that is deeply troubling, and sparsely reported. The business of sexually slavery and child exploitation is a… Read More

Somaly Mam: Can The Anti-Sex Slavery Heroine Be Forgiven?

Somaly Mam is known for her work as a activist against a sex trafficking industry that affects millions of young women around the world. Her organization, The Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF), has cultivated awareness and helped thousands of young women affected by sex trafficking. Her memoir “The Road of Lost Innocence” tells her story of being… Read More

Somaly Mam: Putting an End to Human Sex Trafficking

Every day thousands of young women around the world are trafficked into sexual slavery, forced to live in unclean brothels, and striped of their human rights and civil liberties.   Many of these women are sold into the trade as a result of poverty; their parents cannot afford to cloth and feed them, or they… Read More