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Cyber attacks hurting U.S. businesses more than ever

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The Hewlett-Packard software company and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime released a report on Tuesday that shows cyberattacks are now costing the average U.S. business over $15 million a year.   In 2014, cyber crime was costing U.S. companies $12.7 million, which means it increased 19 percent only one year later. Businesses located in the United… Read More

Wi-Fi Sense seen as a security threat by Windows 10 users

Presentation of Windows 10 OS

In late July, Microsoft started rolling out the newest Windows 10 upgrade to customers; although there are a variety of new features, many are focused on Wi-Fi Sense.   Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature on Windows that connects people to your Wi-Fi network without having to give out your password. Not having to expose your… Read More

Google unlocks plans for “Project Vault”

Google I/O's 2015 logo

This past weekend, people gathered in San Francisco for Google I/O, a session set “for developers — the creative coders who are building what’s next.” Of the numerous topics discussed at the two-day long conference, Google revealed their ideas for the new “Project Vault.”   Regina Dugan, vice president of engineering for Google, told the… Read More

The Dangers of Facebook: Why Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden Stay Away from the Social Giant

In a recent interview, Glenn Greenwald was asked why his colleague Edward Snowden has no social media presence – on Facebook, for instance. Greenwald told his Canadian audience, “he doesn’t use Facebook because he hates Facebook. They’re one of the worst violators of privacy in history. Nobody should use Facebook.”   Snowden himself has spoken… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Brain-to-Brain Interfacing May Be the Future of Communication

It’s not always easy to vocalize your thoughts, but an inability to do so unfortunately means an inability to communicate effectively with others. But what if you could communicate without a single word? What if you could communicate with nothing but your thoughts themselves?   In successfully replicating direct brain-to-brain communication between individuals, it seems… Read More