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ISIS or Daesh?

The jihadist group now controlling huge amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria has accumulated an array of names from the public, many world powers, the media, and government officials. Most media platforms refer to the group as “ISIL” or “ISIS,” which originates from the former terms: “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” and “Islamic… Read More

The aftermath for American Muslims after Brussels attacks

Over 30 people were killed and 200 wounded following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium last month. The violent events shocked the people of the United States, bringing not only fear to the public, but also additional discrimination against Muslim communities.   Over 60 percent of American Muslims have faced some kind of discrimination in… Read More

Brussels terrorist attacks: Presidential candidates respond

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium caused worldwide panic, and left the people of the United States anxiously waiting for a response from the five remaining presidential candidates. The statements made by each of the candidates was a strong reflection of their views for international relations and the fight against terrorism.   The initial… Read More

Young entrepreneur makes it a little bit cooler to wear a hijab, literally

Woman wearing a hijab standing on a rooftop and looking over the city skyline.

Summer heat can be tough to handle for just about anybody, but for Muslim girls who wear hijabs, high temperatures tend to be especially agonizing. That is, until now.   Ahmad Ghanem, 22-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the Kickstarter-funded company, Veil, is giving hijabs a serious makeover in an effort to make the conservative Muslim… Read More

Why Religion Should Be Part Of A School’s Curriculum

Although religion and theology are topics that are heavily debated in society today, almost every culture is heavily influenced by one religious view or another.  Moreover, improving one’s knowledge of religious and theological ideas, is extremely important for global acceptance and understanding. This is why a class on world religions should be a part of… Read More