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“X-Men” franchise to lose two biggest stars

Love them or hate them, superhero movies have held strong as Hollywood’s biggest cash cow for the last decade and a half. Box office performance cannot be denied; four superhero films have grossed over $1 billion since 2000. Even the most critically panned — see “Elektra” and “Green Lantern” — often generate profit.   The renaissance of comic… Read More

“The Hunger Games” New Film Falls Short of Expectations

This week, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I” hit theaters with a bang – in fact, it was the biggest movie debut of the year. Opening weekend saw a total grossing of $123 million.   Unfortunately, though, this number was lower than expected. After analyzing trends from earlier “Hunger Games” releases, BoxOffice.com predicted that… Read More

The Celebrity Photo Breach of 2014: Internet Security in a Digital World

By now, you’ve all heard about the recent scandal concerning the nude photo leak and breach of privacy of several prominent female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Ariana Grande. The photos which appeared on Reddit, a social networking and news portal, were banned from the site nearly one week after the leaked images had already… Read More

Why J Law, Adele, and Mindy Kaling Have Us All Loving Ourselves a Little Bit More

Societal pressures for ideal beauty have always been an insistent presence in our culture. Women have always been expected to act and speak according to what men, or overarching culture at the time, deems as “desirable.” Although it would be nice to say that we are unaffected and completely confident in our bodies 100 percent… Read More

Test Your Personality Based On Facebook Posts

How much do you really know about yourself? Do you view yourself one way, but everyone else tells you the opposite? There might be an easy way to get a better idea of your personality.   There are different personality tests across the internet. However, you might no longer need to look far for some… Read More

Life Changing Movies

Some movies are so powerful that they stay with you for days or even weeks after watching them. Some movies permanently change the way you look at the world. Here are some movies we have chosen that we think are must-see films:   1. “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” Oftentimes, you can judge a movie by how it makes you feel after it ends.… Read More

Movie Rental Recommendation: American Hustle

Out for rental this week is the most nominated film from the 86th Academy Awards. “American Hustle” is a comedy about greed, corruption, scandal, and the ever-lasting pursuit of the American dream.   Directed by David O. Russell, “American Hustle” concerns a couple of hustlers as they try to cheat the system in order to… Read More