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Official poster for Africa’s first afrobeat dance movie released worldwide

New official poster for The Dance Movie Project (TDMP); Africa's First Afrobeat Dance Movie; #TDMP Lexxistalking Entertainment

Earlier today, Lexxistalking Entertainment unveiled the official poster for their hit film TDMP: The Dance Movie Project. Directed by Idahosa Osagie from James Mavrik Films, and Executive Produced by writer and filmmaker Alexander “Lexx” Ore, TDMP is the compelling story of Femi and Wale (Joelschild) two brothers striving to nurture their love for dance and… Read More

Official trailer for “The Dance Movie Project,” Africa’s First Afrobeat Dance Movie, By Lexxistalking Entertainment Now Available Everywhere

The Dance Movie Project Produced by Lexxistalking Entertainment is Africa's First Afrobeat Dance Movie (tdmpthemovie.com)

Lexxistalking Entertainment announced today that they have released an official trailer for “The Dance Movie Project,” (TDMP) featuring Africa’s best and brightest dancers, musicians and celebrities (the official movie is set for a 2016 release in theaters worldwide).     Commenting on the announcement, Alexander “Lexx” Ore, the executive producer of TDMP, said “We wanted… Read More

Moviegoers will soon get a chance to experience Africa’s first AfroBeat dance movie

The Dance Movie Project; Africa's First Afrobeat Movie

Earlier this week, Lexxistalking Entertainment announced that they have released a teaser for their upcoming movie, “The Dance Movie Project,” (TDMP) a comedy-drama based on real-life events in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. The official trailer is set for release in December (TDMP is slated for global release in the spring of 2016).     This… Read More