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Over 300,000 people want Jon Stewart back to talking politics

Jon Stewart speaking at a podium

A Change.org petition has gotten over 300,000 signatures in an attempt to get former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart chosen as the moderator for a 2016 presidential debate.      The petition started in early August, and it has gained thousands of new supporters every day at consistently faster rates. In the past, news anchors have… Read More

Jon Stewart leaves ‘The Daily Show’ giving thanks to his staff

Jon Stewart stands against the Daily Show desk

On Thursday, Jon Stewart gave his final goodbye during the taping of his last episode of “The Daily Show.” Rather than spending the episode calling out politicians or poking fun at Fox News, Stewart surrounded himself with some of the many people that made the show a success.   Over 20 of the program’s correspondents… Read More

Our Month of Zen: Comedy Central streams “The Daily Show” marathon leading up to Jon Stewart’s departure

Jon Stewart at the Daily Show news desk

Goodbyes are difficult; bidding farewell to a humorous, comforting presence can prove even more heart wrenching. In anticipation of Jon Stewart’s upcoming departure from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” — and subsequently handing the show over to comedian Trevor Noah — Comedy Central has begun “Your Month of Zen.”   Fans of “The Daily Show”… Read More

Video: “Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect,” says Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart: The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Past and Future Host

Nearly a week ago, Comedy Central announced that 31-year-old South African comedian, Trevor Noah, will be the new host of “The Daily Show.”   The announcement triggered an all-out scandal, as social and mobile audiences around the world dug up sexist and anti-Semitic comic performances from Noah’s past to illustrate why he might be the… Read More

The Problem with a Colorblind Mentality: The Ferguson Effect

The shooting of young unarmed black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked outrage across the nation. The fact that this young man was shot and killed by a white police officer is just one specific case that indicates a greater problem that exists in America: closeted racism.   This term “racism” is synonymous… Read More