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NYPD implements new policy for reporting use of force

crowd of NYPD officers

The New York City Police Department’s Commissioner, William Brotton, announced on Thursday that the NYPD will enforce a policy that requires its officers to report most instances of force used on civilians.       Before this policy was announced, the NYPD had very few guidelines for reporting and tracking their officers’ use of force. The NYPD… Read More

‘Attention drug dealers’: Georgia sheriff calls for snitches

A sheriff's cop car

McIntosh County, Georgia may be small, but it’s plagued with a big drug problem. The county’s sheriff, Stephen Jessup, has decided to get more creative in his attempt to decrease the trafficking of illicit substances in the area.   Sheriff Jessup put out a newspaper advertisement in the Darien News targeting local drug dealers. The advertisement… Read More

Amnesty International report shows United States lack laws regulating lethal force by police

A situation between a police man and a citizen providing resistance.

With police shootings higher this year than ever before, it’s no surprise that the United States failed international standards for the use of lethal force by law enforcement.   A recent report by Amnesty International suggests that it isn’t required in the United States for police to make preservation of life a priority. Deadly force… Read More

Shoot first, ask questions later: Is walking now a crime?

Last Tuesday, Ryan Keith Bolinger was shot and killed in Des Moines, Ill., by Officer Vanessa Miller. Bolinger’s crime was walking toward the officer’s squad car.   According to Sgt. Jason Halifax at the press conference that followed the shooting, Bolinger was “walking with a purpose” towards the police cruiser. This “purpose” is yet to be… Read More

Busted selfies: Social media is now a vital tool for law enforcement

Screen shot of Facebook

Social media is great for finding out the latest celebrity gossip, catching up with long lost friends, and now it’s great for catching criminals as well. With the era-defining trend of selfies in full swing, law enforcement officials are able to catch more criminals.   It is ironic how many criminals are caught due to their… Read More