Reactions to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT Bill

North Carolina recently passed a bill that openly discriminates against the LGBT community. Also known as the “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2 was signed into action by Gov. Pat McCrory. It prevents local North Carolina governments from passing their own anti-discrimination measures. Specifically, the bill bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom in which they… Read More

Nominees, words of courage, and momentary freak-outs: What people talked about this week

People Using Social Media Image

It’s easier to know the latest gossip in the entertainment industry when everything goes viral. What happens when it goes down? What has gone viral this week? What else has been broadcasted via the Internet? Read on to find out!   Instagram’s momentary shutdown Like any other website, social media platforms periodically experience technical difficulties.… Read More

Jennifer Hudson: “Dreamgirls,” “American Idol” star is ultimate wedding crasher

Jennifer Hudson embraces a homosexual couple on their wedding day

The recent Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage officially legal has sent many same-sex couples off to the chapels in their white attire.   Chris and Scott, partners for 14 years and fathers to four children, were among the many to engage in the sacrament of holy matrimony. As if a wedding ceremony isn’t magical… Read More

County clerks continue to fight same-sex marriage

County Clerks give marriage licenses to anxious couples

Last month, same-sex marriage was officially legalized in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped some county court clerks from rebelling against the Supreme Court’s decision.   Three county court clerks in Kentucky are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. One of the clerks, Casey Davis, is denying couples their right to marry… Read More

Oh my: George Takei issues apology on social media

George Takei

As fallible creatures, human beings continually make mistakes; even experts gaffe from time to time. Rest assured, social media is an area where one can become classified as an expert. From Stephen Amell’s airtight Facebook presence, to Chris Pratt’s unexpectedly hilarious Reddit AMA, more and more celebrities have begun to show their prowess in the… Read More