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Chameleonic couture: London design trio creates fashions that combine chemistry and design

From a PR perspective, there is an undeniable value in strategic partnerships for companies and brands. By engaging in smart partnerships, companies benefit from strengthening their own brand image while allowing the public to see them in a new light as they grow in cooperation with their new partners. And while strategic partnerships may come… Read More

Scanning Your Way to Better Natural Health: The Organic Pharmacy’s BioEnergetic Scan Combines Technology and Homeopathy

Medicine has evolved tremendously over the years, yet as technology and medical tools become increasingly innovative, there has been a surprising reversion to natural remedies and homeopathic solutions globally. Rather than looking to mainstream medicine for relief and solutions, many seek out organic answers to their health concerns.   As such, it is not unexpected… Read More

Fashion Calendar: Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Shows You Should Know

As summer comes to a close in the real world, the season is just beginning for the fashion world. During the first few weeks of fall, we will see designer’s collections for the upcoming year as they debut their Spring and Summer clothing lines at Fashion Weeks around the globe, namely in the top most… Read More