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L’Oreal plans to test products on 3D printed human skin

Outside photo of L'Oreal company.

Since 2013, L’Oreal has steered clear of animal testing worldwide. However, the company’s latest plans for product testing — in partnership with Organovo — will take cosmetics testing where no other company has taken it before: 3D printed human skin.   Until now, L’Oreal has tested its products using specially grown 2D cell cultures. These… Read More

Facial Cleansing Microbeads Facing Bans Due to Pollution in the Great Lakes

New research released in the Marine Pollution Bulletin has emerged that points to microbeads as one of the leading culprits in the pollution of the Great Lakes.   Microbeads are the plastic beads that are added to soaps to exfoliate skin; they range anywhere from 0.0004 to 1.24 millimeters. For each bottle of soap that… Read More