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Fresh Mommy Blog Celebrates Beauty, Confidence at #PROJECTlipstick Event at LUSH Tampa

(Tabitha Blue/FreshMommyBlog)

Candles, chocolates, fresh roses, baked goods, and lots of smiles were the perfect opening to the Fresh Mommy Blog #PROJECTlipstick event at LUSH Tampa last Sunday evening. The excitement was palpable, and women of all ages poured into the shop at International Plaza for a night of fun, pampering, and celebrating beauty. The youngest of… Read More

Lipstick, Diapers, and Love: Tabitha Blue Does It All

FreshMommyBlog.com screencap 9/16/2014

Tabitha Blue lives her life in a whirlwind of lipstick, cameras, baked goods, and diapers – and she is loving every second of it. Blue has been able to take her busy life and turn it into an infectiously inspiring platform on FreshMommyBlog.com.   Residing on Florida’s gulf coast, Blue opens up her home and… Read More

Companies Doing Good: LUSH Enlists In The Fight Against Shark Finning

Memories of this writer’s ascent into the world of “girl” almost always included the smell of mom’s “LUSH Karma” potions sifting through the air. Those yummy smells beckoned one certain study abroad troupe through its warm doors while overseas. Our peacoat-clad group couldn’t stand the Edinburgh chill a moment longer, and it was LUSH that welcomed… Read More

Vegan Makeup: How to Transition to Animal Cruelty Free Products

Veganism is primarily focused on consuming an animal-free diet, but if you want to take it one step further, you can also try to eliminate all animal products from your life in general. One good place to start is makeup.   To find out more about vegan makeup, we talked to NYU student, Parisa, who… Read More

The Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products

You might not remember Lush’s extreme window display of a woman — Jacqueline Traide — being treated like an animal being tested for cosmetics, but it sure made an impression on some. After that display, more people became aware of the real conditions that animals go through, and cruelty-free products got a boost in the marketplace.… Read More