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Style.com partners with Vetements to re-release debut collection

The current state of fashion is an odd one. Most would agree that the normcore trend, which challenged traditional ideas surrounding fashion by popularizing previously unfashionable garments, has ended. However, the spirit of rethinking the meaning and connotations of fashion is alive and well, and nowhere is that more visible than in the rising obsession… Read More

Online retailers return to walk-in fitting locations

The beginning of this decade saw many online-only retailers enter the market. Companies like clothing store Everlane and men’s footwear seller Jack Erwin promised high quality and low price by selling directly to customers online, cutting out middlemen and eliminating the cost of walk-in locations. The model has proven immensely successful and many of these… Read More

The LinkedIn Of Fashion: How VillageLuxe Connects New Yorkers To Designer Fashions

The city of New York just became a bit more trendy, if that was even possible.   Imagine having the chance to dress the part of a New York  Fashion Week model without forking over the funds to pay the price of designer finds.  Sounds just like Heaven, right?  One stylishly enterprising team had the… Read More

Watches To Watch: Top 3 Stylish Men’s Watches You Cant Overlook

There is no piece more practical than a watch. Dating back to the days of pocket watches, time pieces have been a fashion staple.   How do watches manufacturers keep up? And what makes people eager to buy a gadget they already have in some form or another? According to Nicholas Gerbis, its because “timepieces… Read More

Spring Fashion Trend Alert: Get Casual With Knitted Striped Ties

CHARLES OWO Striped Silk Knitted Ties

  Gentlemen, dressing for those outdoor barbeque parties and get-togethers are tricky. You want to keep the air of a stylishly classy Gentleman, and simultaneously rock the casual look as well.   (Related: Spring Trend Alert-CHARLES OWO Knitted Silk Tie Collection)   You beg yourself this question: how can I combine casual and class into… Read More