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Alexis Bortell: The 12-Year-Old Suing Jeff Sessions

The legalization of cannabis has become nothing short of a social issue. Quite like the pro-life movement, pro-choice movement and the pro-NRA crowd, cannabis legalization has a vast network of both pro-legalization and anti-legalization advocates. Several notable personalities and politicians, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon, and rapper/activist Killer Mike to name a few of many, have… Read More

Is marijuana a performance-enhancing drug for UFC fighters?

Nick Diaz at the pre-fight press conference for UFC 143

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has banned UFC welterweight fighter Nick Diaz from fighting in the state of Nevada for the next five years after testing positive for marijuana before a fight.   In January, Diaz was given three drug tests on the night of his fight with mixed martial artist Anderson Silva. Two tests done… Read More

D.A.R.E. removes article in support of marijuana legalization

Marijuana plant

The substance abuse prevention education program D.A.R.E. shocked anti-drug groups and pot enthusiasts alike by publishing an op-ed piece supporting marijuana legalization.   On Monday, a letter to the editor was published on the D.A.R.E. website by former Deputy Sheriff Carlis McDerment titled, “Purchasing marijuana puts kids at risk.” The title reads as if it’s an… Read More

Sandra Bland had marijuana in her system: 3 reasons that’s irrelevant

Side by side of Sandra Bland (right) and her body being carted out of jail (left)

In the weeks following the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, it almost feels like we have developed more questions than we have received answers. New developments recently surfaced in the investigation of her death — specifically a toxicology report — that indicate Bland had considerable amounts of THC in her system. Investigators believe this could indicate… Read More

Let them eat pot: Canada legalizes all forms of medical marijuana

Cannabis oil extract

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada officially ruled that patients who were prescribed medical marijuana can legally use the drug in all of its forms.   Before the ruling, patients were only able to smoke dried marijuana, which can be problematic with some illnesses, such as lung cancer. Patients now have more options to… Read More