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Petition calling for DEA chief termination continues to grow

DEA takes down marijuana plants

DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg caused public outrage in early November after he told reporters that he considered medical marijuana to be “a joke.” As a result of his statement, thousands of people have called for his resignation.   “What really bothers me is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal because it’s not,” said Rosenberg. “We… Read More

Cannabusiness: Marijuana becomes a national force

Close up of a marijuana leaf with greenery in the background

Although not yet ubiquitous, marijuana  continues to expand state to state. At this point, four states — Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska — have openly legalized full recreational use, while 23 other states make allowances for medicinal use in some form or another.   Legalization of marijuana to the general public in states such as… Read More

Let them eat pot: Canada legalizes all forms of medical marijuana

Cannabis oil extract

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada officially ruled that patients who were prescribed medical marijuana can legally use the drug in all of its forms.   Before the ruling, patients were only able to smoke dried marijuana, which can be problematic with some illnesses, such as lung cancer. Patients now have more options to… Read More

Cannabis oil in Texas: Governor to decide fate of medical marijuana bill

Texas governor Greg Abbott has been placed with the decision on whether to allow the limited use of medical marijuana in the Lone Star state. The bill passed through the Texas house last Tuesday, which would allow the use of cannabis oil to treat patients suffering from intractable epilepsy.   The bill is specific to… Read More

Definitive evidence shows marijuana has positive effects in cancer treatments

Medicine has come a long way; in the last century alone, scientists have managed to develop revolutionary new medical treatments once never thought possible. Despite the advances, some valid medical treatments remain underutilized. Scientists have confirmed that medical marijuana can aid in the elimination of tumors in cancer patients, but will federal regulations ever catch up… Read More

Vancouver Pizzeria Has a Not So Secret Ingredient In Their Pizzas

In Vancouver, there is a pizzeria-vapor lounge called Mega Ill, owned by two brothers named Stephen and Mark Klokeid, who are providing customers with a new kind of topping on their pizzas — marijuana.   After dealing with his own illness, Stephen desired to create a place for people to safely medicate. “I think it’s… Read More