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Let them eat pot: Canada legalizes all forms of medical marijuana

Cannabis oil extract

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada officially ruled that patients who were prescribed medical marijuana can legally use the drug in all of its forms.   Before the ruling, patients were only able to smoke dried marijuana, which can be problematic with some illnesses, such as lung cancer. Patients now have more options to… Read More

Definitive evidence shows marijuana has positive effects in cancer treatments

Medicine has come a long way; in the last century alone, scientists have managed to develop revolutionary new medical treatments once never thought possible. Despite the advances, some valid medical treatments remain underutilized. Scientists have confirmed that medical marijuana can aid in the elimination of tumors in cancer patients, but will federal regulations ever catch up… Read More

Hot topics in health: Researchers develop robotic glove to help patients overcome stroke impairments

While advancements are consistently being made in how we treat and rehabilitate individuals who have suffered from a stroke, the impairments that continue to disrupt patients’ lives even after treatment has ended remain a major issue. Scientists and physicians have largely sought to find a way to target impairments that persist in the chronic stages… Read More

Hot topics in health: Scientists explore how treating uninjured side of the brain can promote stroke recovery

When a PR crisis hits, there is an undeniable value in considering the many ways to approach and rectify the crisis. While there is almost always an obvious option that involves tackling the issue head on, it is important to consider how redirecting attention to related aspects of the issue may be just as influential… Read More

Hot topics in health: New smartphone attachment changing how we diagnose HIV

Mobile phones have transformed the nature of communication and the spread of information. Communication based industries, like marketing and PR, must keep up with the times and work with mobile technologies to advance their goals and facilitate a stronger relationship with the public.   The latest effort to utilize modern society’s attachment to mobile technology, though, comes not in… Read More

Hot topics in health: New preservation technique can double shelf life of donated tissue

Crisis management is a big part of PR. Unfortunately, PR practitioners don’t usually have the luxury of buying themselves more time to develop a game plan when a crisis hits. Rather, they are forced to react as quickly as possible to address and resolve the issue before matters escalate.   Medical practitioners must address a great… Read More

Hot topics in health: How Twitter can predict heart disease risk

Social media has transformed our society tremendously. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have reshaped communication and the spread of images, information, and ideas. It is a power that has been tapped into by practitioners in a variety of fields, including PR.   A new study from the University of Pennsylvania is now demonstrating how social… Read More

Hot topics in health: First lab-grown contracting human muscle gives physicians foresight

PR campaigns often leverage communications trends and examples to anticipate the way  messages will play out in the mindset of their target audience.   Similarly, scientists and doctors alike, leverage results from human clinical trials to assess how certain diseases and medications might impact the body.   Therefore, when it comes to science and health,… Read More