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New Study Shows Reversal of Direction in Imagination and Reality

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently challenged notions of imagination and reality in discovering a concrete separation. Researchers asked testing subjects to either imagine scenarios or to watch videos, and then tracked their brain’s electrical activities to analyze movement.   The study, entitled “Reversal of Cortical Information Flow During Visual Imagery as Compared to… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Ability to Pinpoint Brain’s Memory Production May Prove Promising for Addressing Memory Impairment

The more we learn about the human brain through science, the more questions we seem to have. There is always room to go further in our understanding of human brain function; the brain is the most complex organ in the human body, responsible for producing and processing thoughts, emotions, experiences, and memories. As scientists consistently… Read More

Mental Exercise: How Physical Activity Can Boost Your Brain Power

The notion that exercise and physical activity can have positive effects on your health beyond simply developing a fitter body is hardly revolutionary. As research continues to explore the ways in which remaining active can improve other things like brain function, studies consistently bolster the notion that exercise and strong cognition are more interconnected than… Read More

Food for Thought: Foods That Serve As Natural Memory-Boosters

With the number of things we will juggle today, it’s no surprise that our minds can get a bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this overload can take a major toll on us in numerous ways, including having a negative impact on various brain functions, such as memory. Luckily, there are several foods that can serve as natural… Read More