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Quality Mending Company’s house brand merchandise is perfectly manufactured vintage

Walk into SoHo vintage staple Quality Mending Company and you’ll be hit immediately by the distinct smell of leather that perfectly complements the store’s worn-in offerings. The dimly lit and remarkably cozy Prince Street storefront always screams vintage.   There are old sunglasses, lighters, and pins in the display case by the door. Leather jackets… Read More

The global appeal of black dandyism

Black dandyism now a global phenomenon. The impeccable fashion of black dandies across the African Diaspora continues to captivate a worldwide audience. France’s Canal+ last year released a documentary, “Black Dandy,” which tells the story and origins of the black dandy, tracing it to enslaved Africans in the Americas. Daniele Tamagni’s photobook “Gentlemen of Bacongo”… Read More