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FTC cracks down on deceptive advertising after Machinima scandal

Machinima start screen

The video game content streaming company Machinima has agreed to settle on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) charges that they engaged in acts of “deceptive advertising” for Microsoft.      In 2014, the media streaming company was accused of taking money from Microsoft to help with a marketing campaign to promote the Xbox One. It was… Read More

Wi-Fi Sense seen as a security threat by Windows 10 users

Presentation of Windows 10 OS

In late July, Microsoft started rolling out the newest Windows 10 upgrade to customers; although there are a variety of new features, many are focused on Wi-Fi Sense.   Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature on Windows that connects people to your Wi-Fi network without having to give out your password. Not having to expose your… Read More