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Thinning out our military: One-third of Americans “too fat” to serve

An overweight American in an American flag inspired t-shirt

The obesity epidemic in America has long been touted as a serious public health concern. As Americans continue to lead more sedentary lives devoid of proper nutrition, ailments such as heart disease and diabetes become increasingly problematic. Now, growing rates of obesity may actually become detrimental to American military might.   A recent report issued… Read More

ISIS targeting U.S. troops at home via social media

War: an ever-changing, ever evolving entity; a constant exercise in the innovation of barbarism. Recently, a new, frightening weapon seems to have emerged in the form of cyber warfare. Last week, “The Islamic State Hacking Division,” which claims an unconfirmed affiliation with ISIS, released the names and personal information of 100 members of the armed… Read More