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”The Mindy Project” has yet to see its end, moving to Hulu

The Mindy Project promotional poster with main cast

Netflix better watch out because the binge watching habits are following Mindy Kaling to Hulu. Just recently, Fox announced that “The Mindy Project” would not be renewed for another season on the network channel. Watching television online has become a common pastime, and fans of the project can turn off their plasma screens and flip open… Read More

Oh What Fun It Is to Code: Google’s Made with Code Initiative Launches Holiday Coding Project

Earlier this year, Google joined forces with supporters like Seventeen, TechCrunch, Chelsea Clinton, Girl Scouts of the USA, and actress Mindy Kaling to launch an initiative called Made with Code. The program was created with the intention of making coding approachable and appealing to youth, particularly young girls. It was all about creating a strong… Read More

Top Four Awesome Female Characters in Television

Over the ages, and still to this day, women have often been misrepresented in television. The female characters either adhere to the ditsy, feminine, infantile stereotype; to the “tomboy” category — rigid, unsmiling, cold but tough as nails; the mother; and the temptress. These are loose interpretations of the different archetypes of women, but you… Read More

Why J Law, Adele, and Mindy Kaling Have Us All Loving Ourselves a Little Bit More

Societal pressures for ideal beauty have always been an insistent presence in our culture. Women have always been expected to act and speak according to what men, or overarching culture at the time, deems as “desirable.” Although it would be nice to say that we are unaffected and completely confident in our bodies 100 percent… Read More