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How one family lost $11 billion in a single day

Wal-Mart store

The Waltons, America’s richest family whose combined wealth is approximately $149 billion, saw their personal fortune decline by approximately $11 billion as Wal-Mart shares plummeted last week. The Walton family fortune is controlled by founder Sam Walton’s three surviving children and his deceased son’s widow. Together, they own over 50 percent of all outstanding Wal-Mart… Read More

Most bang for your buck: The most affordable cities in the United States

San Antonio skyline

The cost of living has been rapidly increasing in metropolitan areas on both coasts. Inflated housing costs, coupled with the fact that income growth has been essentially flat in the United States since 2008, have made some major cities too expensive for many Americans. The excitement of urban living does not need to come at… Read More

Minimum wages rising around the country: What now?

Protesters rally for a minimum wage increase

The plight of the minimum wage worker has been thrust into the forefront of state and city politics nationwide. In the last two years, several states have all agreed to increase their minimum wage rates, including New York State (albeit only for fast food workers), San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Low-wage workers… Read More

No bang for the buck: The most expensive cities in the United States


Rent costs have been rapidly increasing across urban areas in the United States. In fact, areas like San Francisco and Denver have seen yearly average rental costs increases over 10 percent. Income growth has been essentially flat since the 2008 recession, which makes the increase in housing costs even more significant. The three cities in… Read More

Time for a Raise? “Scraping By,” Lowdown on Minimum Wage

KQED recently posted an incredible slide show to spread awareness and knowledge about the minimum wage. What is the federal minimum wage versus the state minimum wage? How does minimum wage now compare to minimum wage 50 years ago? Does raising minimum wage encourage businesses or discourage them? KQED has set out to answer all… Read More