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Latest matchmaking app, Tindog, caters to puppy love

The internet has become the ultimate modern day matchmaker, but a new app’s “puppy love” approach to making love connections is changing things up in the world of online dating.   Tindog is an app for dog owners to create profiles of their trusty companions, and then use those profiles to find compatible dogs in… Read More

“There’s an app for that,” and the music industry should take advantage

Pictures of music artists with a line of social media logos.

Just a few months ago, Instagram launched their new account @music to embrace its musically inclined user base. Now, the music business is moving to embrace its social media user base. Mobile apps like Snapchat already have standing agreements with record labels, including Warner Music Group, Vice Media, and Comedy Central. This trend is slowly spreading… Read More

Hail a Cab, Ditch the Uber

Driving through a city is no easy feat. If you save enough money to invest in a car, you then have to worry about scarce parking, dense traffic, licensed drivers who should definitely not be licensed drivers, and many more traffic maladies.   Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives: you can bicycle, use public transportation… Read More

That Time I Was A Tinderella

Not knowing much about Tinder, my awareness piqued when Dave Franco accepted the challenge to create a fake profile while on Conan’s show. The short they filmed featured the two freaking out over how creepy the app was, all the while intercutting Franco’s megawatt smile.   Fast forward to pitching summer stories, and this writer… Read More