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Monsanto herbicide ruled harmful in France’s court of appeals

Monsanto HQ

In France, an appeals court has upheld a three year old ruling on Thursday against the Monsanto company that found them guilty of chemically poisoning a farmer.     Grain farmer Paul Francois faced neurological problems after he inhaled Monsanto’s Lasso herbicide chemical in 2004. The herbicide was found to be responsible for Francois’ frequent… Read More

How Grassroots Campaigns Toppled Monsanto

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The term “grassroots campaign” isn’t new, but the people and technologies that develop grassroots campaigns have evolved. President Obama’s 2008 presidential bid is the most successful grassroots campaign in history, generating an estimated $500 billion in donations with the help of a network of social media savvy communicators. Since the 2008 election, grassroots campaigns have spiked,… Read More