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Film Review: Frances Ha

(Entertainment Weekly)

One of my personal favorite films of last year was the criminally under seen indie charmer “Frances Ha.” This film from Noah Baumbach was co-written by the film’s star, Gretta Gerwig. Here, Baumbach and Gerwig prove that their collaborations are something to look forward to, as in both “Greenberg” and this film, they show that… Read More

Mumblecore Goes Mainstream with Drinking Buddies

The Mumblecore film genre is an indie film movement characterized by a low budget production featuring characters in their mid-twenties or early thirties with a focus on naturalistic dialogue. The characters in the films usually depict average adults played by unknown actors. These films are heavily based on improvisation, with many of their scripts having an… Read More

Netflix Recommendation: Hoop Dreams

There are a multitude of documentaries available to watch on Netflix instant streaming, but a few among the crowd stand out specifically as real gems. “Hoop Dreams” is one of those stand outs. Directed by Steve James, this 1994 documentary is a classic of the genre and a prime example of a seriously cinematic nonfiction… Read More

Film Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Conventional wisdom would tell you that “Iron Man” is the best of the Marvel franchise films, and objectively, that is probably true. It is the flashiest and most impressively constructed of the lot, but I prefer the first “Captain America” picture. In comparison to the others, it has by far the most style and proved… Read More

Why Has “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Been So Successful?

Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” was just released a short time ago, and already the picture is proving a box office success for the director. At least when compared to the rest of his filmography.   (Related: Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel)   Coming off of “Moonrise Kingdom,” one of the strongest box office… Read More

Animation Review: Rio

  Blue Sky Studios is best known for their work on such films as “Ice Age,” “Robots,” and the recent “Epic,” but what is perhaps their best work, is the 2011 musical-comedy “Rio.”   Set mostly in Brazil and partly in Minnesota, this film concerns an anthropomorphic blue macaw, aptly named Blu. Blu is, apparently,… Read More

Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

  There is not a much better day than when the next Wes Anderson production rolls out into theaters. In each of his films, he creates a unique and ornate world that is all his own, and decorates it with overly-quirky, yet interesting characters that you cannot help but fall in love with. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”… Read More

Film Director Profile: Wes Anderson

  There are a few filmmakers who have had a profound impact on what independent cinema is today. Quentin Tarantino is one, Steven Soderbergh might be another, but perhaps no filmmaker has made quite as lasting an impact on the indie scene as Wes Anderson.   Anderson’s films have a distinct and definite style that… Read More

Ivan Reitman Not Directing Ghostbusters 3

  Fans of the 1980’s comedy franchise may be disappointed to hear that the director of the previous two “Ghostbusters” will not be returning for a third installment. Ivan Reitman has directed many successful comedies, including “Stripes” and “Meatballs,” but none have quite lived up to the “Ghostbusters” films, particularly the first one.   Reitman… Read More

TV Creator Profile: Shonda Rhimes

  Like in film, women are criminally underrepresented on the creative side of television production. Creators, producers, and writers on most major shows, for whatever reason, tend to be men. One major exception is writer/producer/director Shonda Rhimes.   Since beginning her career in the business back in 1995, Rhimes has worked on several of the… Read More