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Organic Haircare: 6 Natural Ingredients to Help You Achieve Healthier Locks

It’s tough to succeed at PR without having a strong knowledge of public opinion and what the public wants. After all, PR really comes down to anticipating and understanding public attitudes on certain issues and building communication that meets the wants and needs of the public as reflected by those attitudes.   When it comes… Read More

Fresh Mommy Blog Celebrates Beauty, Confidence at #PROJECTlipstick Event at LUSH Tampa

(Tabitha Blue/FreshMommyBlog)

Candles, chocolates, fresh roses, baked goods, and lots of smiles were the perfect opening to the Fresh Mommy Blog #PROJECTlipstick event at LUSH Tampa last Sunday evening. The excitement was palpable, and women of all ages poured into the shop at International Plaza for a night of fun, pampering, and celebrating beauty. The youngest of… Read More

Our Latest Instagram Obsession is a Little Goofy

Our love for Instagram is loud and clear, and there is nothing more exciting than a quality new profile to follow.   Our latest find is Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram page. Jenkinson is a makeup artist and beauty blogger based in London. Her pictures are unlike anything we have ever seen. The makeup artist creates images… Read More

Unrealistic Beauty Images Go Beyond PhotoShop: Why Admitting to Plastic Surgery Matters

Some of the most popular Google searches for celebrities are “before and after” pictures. There is an obsession with plastic surgery in Hollywood, and people want to see the results. But plastic surgery is not just a phenomena left for the stars. People of all walks of life are going under the knife to change… Read More