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Vegan Makeup: How to Transition to Animal Cruelty Free Products

Veganism is primarily focused on consuming an animal-free diet, but if you want to take it one step further, you can also try to eliminate all animal products from your life in general. One good place to start is makeup.   To find out more about vegan makeup, we talked to NYU student, Parisa, who… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Quick And Easy Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy All Summer Long

Summer is here, which means poolside tanning, barbeques, and camping. One thing you do not want to have to worry about in the hot weather however is your hair. Below, we have gathered a few essential summer tips from hair stylists to keep you looking your best all summer long.   1. Avoid Damage. Blow… Read More

The Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products

You might not remember Lush’s extreme window display of a woman — Jacqueline Traide — being treated like an animal being tested for cosmetics, but it sure made an impression on some. After that display, more people became aware of the real conditions that animals go through, and cruelty-free products got a boost in the marketplace.… Read More