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Taylor Swift’s streak of courtesies tainted by strict contract

Taylor Swift performs at the MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift’s reputation has been raised onto a pedestal, especially with her recent responses (which have all gone viral) to fans reaching out to her. However, her innocence and courtesy doesn’t necessarily extend to everyone in her star-studded world.   A photographer by the name of Jason Sheldon recently published his open letter to the “Bad… Read More

Pharrell’s ‘Freedom’ music video brings light to those oppressed

Music artist Pharell in his music video for "Freedom Shot"

To aid with the launch of Apple Music, Pharrell Williams launched his music video for new hit single, “Freedom.” The video is a compilation from global scenarios, such as people experiencing oppression or the challenge of attaining freedom.     Williams is dressed as a worker, with the first verse taking place in a work… Read More

“There’s an app for that,” and the music industry should take advantage

Pictures of music artists with a line of social media logos.

Just a few months ago, Instagram launched their new account @music to embrace its musically inclined user base. Now, the music business is moving to embrace its social media user base. Mobile apps like Snapchat already have standing agreements with record labels, including Warner Music Group, Vice Media, and Comedy Central. This trend is slowly spreading… Read More