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A Presidential Playlist: Former First Lady Michelle Obama Makes Spotify Playlist for President Obama

an image of Barack and Michelle Obama Smiling

Even with the advent of social media, streaming media such as music and video and creating snapchat videos, I am happy to see one tradition has not faltered.   In the old days, when someone was extra special, people would usually perform a chivalrous act of creating a playlist on a CD. Whether it was… Read More

Beyonce Premieres New Music Video for “Pretty Hurts”

On April 23, Beyonce premiered her new music video for her single, “Pretty Hurts.” The video portrays the life of a beauty pageant contestant, and the side of the cutthroat competitions that the judges and audience do not see. Throughout the video, we see beauty contestants obsess over their bodies, harshly judge each other, and do anything they… Read More