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A Well-Earned Farewell: Music Legend Elton John Announces Farewell Tour

Poster of the Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour

In the glamorous and globe-trotting life of a musician, going on tour is often as memorable as making the music itself. Particularly for legendary musicians that have amassed a worldwide following, traveling across the globe and playing their music for their fans is a must.   Depending on the popularity of the musician, music tours could… Read More

New video: Afrosoul singer, JoelsChild, premieres new video for hot new single “Soukous”

AfroSoul artist, JoelsChild, drops new video for hot new single "Soukous"

Earlier today, AfroSoul artist JoelsChild — also known as “JC” — unveiled the long awaited video for his hot new hit single “Soukous.”   In “Soukous,” the sultry voice of JC can be heard alongside a compilation of groovy and sensational AfroBeat dance moves.   According to Lexxistalking Entertainment — the company JC is signed… Read More

Essential Oldies Playlist: Simple Minds, The Smiths, Run-DMC/Aerosmith, Hall & Oates, Paul Simon

The 80s were the dark ages for a lot of things — hair, fashion, drugs, Wall Street, pop music, etc. — however, there are some unforgettable and controversial 80s songs that you need to include on your essential oldies 80s playlist (say that ten times fast). Although the 80s were swamped with some admittedly horrible pop music… Read More

Essential Oldies Playlist: Rusted Root, Pixies, Elliott Smith, Biz Markie, Salt-N-Pepa

Remember back in the day, when everybody bought music by the album, listened to it on their primitive Walkmans, and shared their feelings through making each other mix-tapes?   Those were the good old days. Music used to be an activity; it was interactive, because people would actually listen to it, hear the message behind… Read More

Essential Oldies Playlist: The Temptations, Sam Cooke, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin

Are you tired of listening to the same songs played over and over again on the radio? Are you constantly disappointed with the level of real talent of the current pop artists out there? Seek solace in the music from a time when skill, versatility, and soul were actually necessary to excel in the music industry.  … Read More