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An affair to (mis)remember: Poor crisis communication has made Brian Williams scandal worse

NBC news anchor Brian Williams has been under severe public scrutiny amid scandal involving his wavering credibility after reports stating that claims he made while reporting in Iraq are, in fact, false.   For years, Williams has been telling the story of an incident in 2003 during which he was flying in a helicopter that was forced… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Liz Heinecke, Kitchen Pantry Scientist — Part 2

In Part 1 of her interview last week, Liz Heinecke shared some of the details about her interest in science as a kid, her educational and professional background in science, and her decision to leave the world of science research to become a full-time stay-at-home mom to her three kids. Today, Heinecke talks about life… Read More

Fall is Good for TV: Five Shows to Keep Watch for

With the Emmy’s concluding last week, it’s now that time of year to look forward to fall’s newest shows. There are over a dozen series premiering across various networks, and our team at MUIPR decided to crown the top choices to keep watch for.   From what we can tell, there’s bound to be tons… Read More

Film Director Profile: Alfonso Cuaron

The winner of the Best Director prize at the Academy Awards last Sunday was a man who you probably did not know existed before last year.   (Related: 2014 Oscars: Best Director Predictions)   Alfonso Cuaron is a Mexican director who has been making films since 1983; at the 86th Academy Awards last Sunday night,… Read More