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Hot Topics in Health: Brain Imaging Can Now Help Predict Human Behavior

As PR practitioners, our job here at MUIPR is all about building relationships. It’s about getting to know the public on an emotional level and using that connection to build personalized communication. Just like a personalized approach is a central part of what we do, so too can it be a major benefit in other… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Ability to Pinpoint Brain’s Memory Production May Prove Promising for Addressing Memory Impairment

The more we learn about the human brain through science, the more questions we seem to have. There is always room to go further in our understanding of human brain function; the brain is the most complex organ in the human body, responsible for producing and processing thoughts, emotions, experiences, and memories. As scientists consistently… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: New Study Suggests Synesthesia Can Be Taught, Contributing to Nature Versus Nurture Debate Around Condition

The “nature versus nurture” debate is one which comes into play in discussions about a range of topics, from IQ and intellectual capabilities to personality and behavior. It’s a debate which has been largely prevalent in conversations around synesthesia, as well. Synesthesia is a neurological condition by which individuals can experience overlaps in their senses. This… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Researchers Develop the First Gene Network Capable of Being Controlled By Thoughts

Earlier this week, a team of researchers, ETH Zurich, made headlines after developing the first gene network controlled by brainwaves.   Led by a professor of biotechnology and bioengineering, Martin Fussenegger, the researchers developed a system which uses an implant to interpret thoughts and turn them into electricity, which then lights up an integrated LED… Read More