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Tom Brady returns as the Patriots face a new scandal

Tom Brady

After months of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady fighting his four game suspension over the “Deflategate” scandal, the courts have finally nullified the charges, but his team has once again found itself in hot water.   Judge Richard Berman’s decision to allow Brady to play was made only one week before the Patriots’ first game… Read More

#DeflateGate: “Manufactured outrage” or genuine demand for accountability?

Bill Belichick picture

We’re far from closing the book on the #DeflateGate controversy that has gripped the nation since the AFC title game, but we can safely assume that the legacy of the New England Patriots being serial cheaters is firmly in the record books. Whether or not the Patriots are truly cheaters is unclear, but that’s also beside… Read More

Countdown to Super Bowl 49: Four PR lessons we can all learn from deflategate

There is still a football game to be played, right? The national obsession with inflation levels of the New England Patriots’ footballs, and the presumed scandal contained therein, have reached epic levels of mockery and have made it feel unseemly to talk about the actual on-field match-up of Super Bowl XLIX. However, one thing we… Read More