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Opportunities abound for Nigerian startups this year

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) has announced a grant scheme in collaboration with Heritage Bank. It plans to award over 1,000 Nigerians from a N500 million-naira seed fund. NYPF is a non-governmental, global peer-to-peer network of Nigerian professionals. It is a forum that connects and provides opportunities for passionate young professionals in order to… Read More

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation discusses humanitarian aide

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, MUI Daily News discusses humanitarian aid with the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation

According to the World Health Organization life expectancy at birth for men and women in Nigeria is estimated at 54 and 55 years respectively. Diseases that modern medicine can prevent, such as malaria and tuberculosis, cause many of these early deaths. The Nigerian Healthcare foundation is working to fix this problem, and has been doing… Read More

Newark’s Deputy Mayor joins Nigerian Healthcare Foundation to restore health and hope

Faces of Hope Gala 2016; NHF; Nigerian Healthcare Foundation; Doctors provide medical care in Nigeria

The Nigerian Healthcare Foundation, one of West Africa’s most beloved nonprofit organizations comprised of doctors and nurses who carry out medical missions to improve the health of Nigerians in rural communities, will once again host its annual fundraiser on Saturday, Apr. 2, from 7 p.m to 11 p.m.   The highly anticipated “Faces of Hope… Read More

Who are the Orisha?

Abdul Ndadi is a Ghanaian animator based in New York whose film, “Orisha’s Journey” is gaining positive reviews after having been screened at several film festivals, including the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan. The animated film is a Pan-African exploration told through the point of view of a young girl travelling through a forest.… Read More

Is Nigeria looking to regulate mobile internet usage?

Light shining on phone screen with man

Over-the-top (OTT) services may be an unknown term to the majority of people that use them. OTT refers to services that mobile phone users access without going directly through their service providers. These include social media applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook, as well as live streaming. Telecoms carriers in countries as far apart as… Read More

16 million Nigerians visit Facebook monthly


Nigeria is one of Facebook’s most important markets, and the platform remains a popular choice for the growing number of internet users in Nigeria. It has been established that 16 million Nigerians visit Facebook every month. Approximately 7.2 million Nigerian users visit Facebook daily. Most Nigerians access the platform using their mobile phones. It is… Read More

Comic books becoming more mainstream in Nigeria

(Comic Republic)

There has been renewed interest in Nigerian comic books thanks to the work of Comic Republic, a startup based in Lagos. Their comics feature story lines that draw from traditional Nigerian beliefs, and superstitions show characters from a variety of backgrounds with wide-ranging super powers.   Jide Martin founded Comic Republic in 2013 with the tagline,… Read More