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North Korea sentences American student to 15 years hard labor

An American college student, Otto Warmbier, has been sentenced to 15 years in a North Korean labor camp. The student is currently holding charges for “crimes against the state.” Warmbier faces years of hard labor and imprisonment in North Korea for trying to drunkenly steal a political propaganda poster from a hotel in Pyongyang. The… Read More

String of defections causes North Korea to tighten surveillance

The heavily guarded border of North Korea

After multiple instances of North Korean citizens defecting from their country, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has decided to keep a closer watch on his workers, especially those stationed abroad.   In June, a North Korean biochemical weapons scientist fled a research center bordering China. He brought with him 15 gigabytes of data on human… Read More

U.S. Films Banned Abroad, Appreciating Creative Freedoms at Home

If you have been keeping up with your entertainment news, then you have likely witnessed North Korea’s negative reaction against the United States for allowing James Franco and Seth Rogen to include their leader in the duo’s latest film, “The Interview.” North Korea released a strongly worded statement through its state-run news agency, adding, “If… Read More