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The Dawn Of An Uncertain World: Dutch Researchers Achieve Quantum Teleportation

Ever dreamed of being teleported vast distances across interstellar space, your body split down to its very atoms and beamed to an exotic new location where it is then knit back together, creating a whole and complete you?   If you have, chances are recent headlines trumpeting the successful advent of quantum teleportation set your… Read More

Edward Snowden Opens Up to NBC

“Is Edward Snowden a #Traitor or a # Patriot?”   The question is remarkable mainly for its permanence. Nearly a year after Snowden leaked classified NSA documents to journalists regarding a multitude of top-secret surveillance programs before taking spectacular flight for foreign pastures, there remains a startling lack of consensus on his legacy.   Brian… Read More

SmartPhones For Those Who Like Their Privacy: Boeing Black And Blackphone

  Last Wednesday, Feb. 26, Boeing unveiled the Boeing Black a smartphone that is “tamper-proof” and made with privacy-oriented people in mind.  According to reports, the secure phone will run on Google’s Android platform and have an array of privacy options, including encrypting calls in order to keep one’s information safe from third parties.  The… Read More