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Quality Mending Company’s house brand merchandise is perfectly manufactured vintage

Walk into SoHo vintage staple Quality Mending Company and you’ll be hit immediately by the distinct smell of leather that perfectly complements the store’s worn-in offerings. The dimly lit and remarkably cozy Prince Street storefront always screams vintage.   There are old sunglasses, lighters, and pins in the display case by the door. Leather jackets… Read More

Online retailers return to walk-in fitting locations

The beginning of this decade saw many online-only retailers enter the market. Companies like clothing store Everlane and men’s footwear seller Jack Erwin promised high quality and low price by selling directly to customers online, cutting out middlemen and eliminating the cost of walk-in locations. The model has proven immensely successful and many of these… Read More

Dessert in NYC: The Most Important Meal of the Day

You know what they say: “Dessert is the most important meal of the day!” Or something like that… In any case, here are some delicious options in NYC to visit and satisfy your sweet tooth. You’ve had a productive week, you deserve it!   1. ChikaLicious: Dear New York readers, please, please, head down to 2nd… Read More

Three Unbelievably Fun Ways To Exercise in NYC

Well, here we are, yet again. It’s already Sunday, and what have we accomplished? Went out for a rowdy night of drinking on Friday, hid our face in shame Saturday morning/afternoon/evening, seriously contemplated our life choices, and ate copious amounts of delicious hangover food. Now here we find ourselves on this lovely Sunday, the Lord’s day,… Read More

Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Alek Wek, Femi Kuti and Other Notables to Be Honored at the 2014 F.A.C.E. List Awards In The Big Apple

Face2face Africa, the premier pan-African media company, will host its three-day annual Pan-African Weekend (F2FA) in New York City between July 25 and July 27. Face2face Africa (F2FA) is a fast-growing media group that is re-branding Africa and fostering a technologically interconnected generation of people worldwide who have a shared-ancestry and interest in Africa. F2FA… Read More

Bands to Listen to: Foster the People, Grimes, Little Comets

This weekend is the fourth annual Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island in New York City. This weekend will be packed with awesome music, dancing, and lots of crowd surfing. This week’s bands are all scheduled to perform this weekend at the event. Besides the bands listed below other artists include Jack White, Broken… Read More