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White House moves funds to prepare for Zika virus

The White House has stated that Congress hasn’t followed up with President Barack Obama’s request from January to move $1.9 billion to assist scientists in battling the Zika virus. “Over this time, Congress has done nothing. Now, we know that we cannot continue to fund a robust response to this disease without adequate resources, particularly… Read More

Mindful Shopping: Online Retailer Zady Launches “Sourced In” Initiative to Promote Conscious Consumerism

The online retailer Zady began as a site with the goal of creating a new standard in clothing. The creators of the site, Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, sought to build a shopping experience which was driven by products made with not just style and quality in mind, but environmental impact and high labor standard… Read More

For-Profit Colleges File Lawsuit Against Federal Government

For-profit colleges are privately managed educational institutions that are run by businesses with the intention to seek profit. In 1992, a federal regulation called the 90-10 rule began to require for-profit colleges to amass no more than 90 percent of their total profit from students’ federal aid money. Still, this allows for-profit colleges to make… Read More

Powerful New White House PSA About Sexual Assault

A new Public Service Announcement (PSA) that was introduced by Vice President Joe Biden came out this week. It stars some of our favorite celebrities, including Daniel Craig and Steve Carell, The PSA implores men to be a part of the solution and to stand up for women being abused or raped. But did it hit… Read More