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Online retailers return to walk-in fitting locations

The beginning of this decade saw many online-only retailers enter the market. Companies like clothing store Everlane and men’s footwear seller Jack Erwin promised high quality and low price by selling directly to customers online, cutting out middlemen and eliminating the cost of walk-in locations. The model has proven immensely successful and many of these… Read More

Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ sale damages member trust

Amazon shipment boxes on a conveyor belt for processing.

Last Wednesday, Amazon launched their “Prime Day” sale that offered deals to those with Prime memberships, but many customers were left sorely disappointed.   The goal of this sale was to increase subscriptions of the $99 annual Prime loyalty program membership by creating a Cyber Monday-esque event. This sale excited Prime members after Amazon advertised Prime… Read More

Pin it or buy it?: Pinterest to provide new ‘Buyable Pin’ option

Pinterest logo against a background of social media application logos.

Pinterest is a great source for DIY projects, wedding planning ideas, party decorating tips, and fun organizational methods. Users have been captivated for a few years now, by the ease of clicking a few buttons to save good ideas for later.   The only feature needed to make Pinterest the ultimate market for all things… Read More

Not the Same Old Social Network: How Fitbay is Changing the Experience of Shopping Online

Online shopping is a blessing — one with the potential of turning into a complete disaster. In other words, we love online shopping for its convenience, its endless variety of products, and its ability to let us hunt for the best deals. On the flip side, we hate that we can never know exactly what… Read More