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Opinion: Will Smartwatches Take Off?

Smartwatches have attracted significant attention in the world of technology over the past few weeks. Recently, Apple announced that they would be releasing their own smartwatch in early 2015, marking their first foray into the smartwatch industry segment. Moreover, the attention that Pebble has accrued through its Kickstarter project certainly demonstrates the public’s interest in… Read More

Let’s Hear It For The Men: Entrepreneurs Who Create Opportunities For All Races

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It can be tough as a young woman in the entrepreneurial sector to hear any man complain about a lack of male leadership. Those gender pay gap discussions in college were directed at us, remember? It’s easy to overlook the sad reality that men of color have to strive even more for a seat at… Read More

Opinion: The Ray Rice Video Makes All of Us Look Bad

Updated Sep 21, 2014: According to ESPN, over 7,000 fans turned out to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for those of other Ravens players during a two-day event in Baltimore.   Originally Published on Sep 9, 2014: Getting something right rarely feels so disappointing and dissatisfying.   Ray Rice’s release from the Ravens and subsequent… Read More

NFL Week 3 Preview: Roll with Sproles…And Five Other Things We’ll Be Watching This Weekend

These are still strange times for the NFL, its players and its fans, as each day we continue to realize there is no gameplan for reconciling our outrage at the handling of unspeakable off-field transgressions with our passion for the on-field product on Sundays. We feel a thirst for justice, accountability and explanations, and we’re… Read More

Opinion: Undercover Colors Anti-Rape Nail Polish, Doing More Harm Than Good?

Since the new Undercover Colors nail polish first came into the spotlight a couple weeks ago, there has been a great deal of backlash against the product, which many believe may prove to be more problematic to the discourse on rape than it is beneficial.   Created by four male undergraduate students at North Carolina State… Read More

Opinion: Living The Pure Barre Fitness Lifestyle

“What’s so special about Pure Barre?” my mother asked me the other morning. She had never seen her daughter sweat so much before sunrise.   Founded by Carrie Rezabek Dorr in 2001, Pure Barre is a dance-inspired regimen for individuals seeking full-body sculpting exercises. You don’t even have to have previous dance experience to enjoy… Read More