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2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Animated Feature Preview

It’s surprising to most that Disney, the king of all animation studios, has never won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. They have received eight nominations since the award’s inception, but claimed the prize as their own. This year, though, marks their greatest chance at winning to date.   (Related: 2014 Oscar Predictions: Who Will… Read More

2014 Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win On Sunday Night

The Oscars are frustrating for almost anyone to watch. It’s inevitable that the Academy is going to make some decision that you disagree with. Every year it happens, and every year it’s enraging.   Odds are, most of us will never be in a position to choose who wins and loses at the Academy Awards,… Read More

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Original Screenplay

This year, as is the case in every other year, there are 10 screenplays nominated for Oscars. Five in each of the Best Adapted and Best Original categories respectively. 2013 was an especially good year for writing in film, so let’s take a look at the scripts and writers that the Academy has deemed “the… Read More