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Israel disappointed In Vatican treaty recognizing the state of Palestine

The Vatican City at dusk

The Vatican’s formal recognition of the state of Palestine was a means to start the peacemaking process between Palestine and Israel, but Israel doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.   A treaty was announced last Wednesday that officially recognized the state of Palestine in the eyes of the Vatican. This symbolic gesture of international relations… Read More

Weekly News Update

Your correspondent is relaxing this week in the sunny, god-awfully humid city of Palm Bay, Fla., yet he still found time to round up a few choice picks for MUI PR Blog’s Weekly News Roundup because he’s just that awesome. When you find yourself conversing knowledgably on this week’s trending topics, you are free to… Read More

Faith & Politics: Pope Francis Visits The Holy Land

Pope Francis prays at the "Separation Wall" encircling Bethlehem. Uncredited/AP

The defining image of Pope Francis’ inaugural trip to the Holy Land was simple enough.   In transit to an open-air mass in Bethlehem’s Manger Square, the pontiff made an unscheduled stop at the “Separation Wall.” A graffitied concrete behemoth widely viewed as a symbol of division and conflict, the Wall surrounds Bethlehem on three… Read More